At Neweland Foundation,

We strongly believe that technology is the most useful thing on the planet. With the use of technology anyone can create wonderful things and gifts for future generations.

We encourage the people to get involved in technology,to bring the magic of tomorrow into their lives.


Neweland Foundation realises at education in the villages of India is in deed of modernization. We are bringing 21st centuries ideas to the children. It's our aim to give these children the opportunities to get good jobsin the future. This will enable their families to prosper.


Neweland Foundation recognises the need for self-defene forces every woman and girl should be given the opportunity to take self defence lessions, attacks on girls and women increase year on year if more self defence forces were available females would be in a better position to defend themselves from abuse rape and murder.

Awareness Programs

At Neweland Foundation, we believe in making the people aware of their everchanging responsibilities. The Staff go to village and give talks on person safety, education. How to minimise dangerous situations by being aware of their surroundings and how to bring about change in the minds of villagers.

Skills Development

At Neweland, we have helped people development IT skills, understand read, write and speak in English. Giving these skills to people will open doors to employment worldwide. It would help them to get well paid careers and abroad their success will and rich, and family and communities lives.