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Neweland Online Store & Delivery App (NOSDA) is the best business platform today and the future.

Neweland Online Store & Delivery App (NOSDA) business solution cover the following features.

Easy Onboarding

NOSDA App lets your customers get started quickly through, mobile number, email and social logins.

Product Management

Gain better control with profile management, addresses, payment details, notifications settings.

Restaurent Management

Order tracking, pricing, online ordering and delivery, table management, and menu management to boost your sales.

Advanced Browse

Users should be able to apply certain filters to make the search quick and easy.

Delivery Management

Keep an eye on end-to-end complete track of delivery operations of service.

Payment Options

We integrate multiple payment options to let you shoppers pay the way they want.

Order Tracking

The customer should receive alerts via SMS & mail, and the customers can track real-time order status.

Product List Management

Admin can manage and even control the list of products and adjust prices as per the market standards and store owner demands

Feedback & Reviews

Allow your shoppers to give ratings and feedback about their shopping experience from your grocery business.

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